So whats it all about ??

I've been actively training for over 15 years through many organisations and still  do today. It's been something that I still love being able to do and I've had a lot of success at. 
Its really has been a privilege for me to be able to help people just get it a bit easier, shear a few more, understand their gear or even achieve major goals in their career.
I have only been able to do this because I was lucky enough to have good information from good shearers around me all the time from the very start !! I tell ya now, this is the major reason behind any success I had as a shearer at all !!
But the reality is nothing is learned in a day, don't get me wrong one on one training is the best if you can get it regularly, but even then you can only absorb so much in a day. I see that a lot through in-shed training, and follow-up sometimes doesn't happen with availability, seasons, people's movements etc. etc.
Getting consistent, ongoing information across to the receiver has always been a challenge for us trainers especially when a lot of the time you only have a day or two.
We believe here at Lojik that with today’s technology its about time we have available a quality resource of simple effective knowledge, smaller points that are easier to focus on and practice but necessary and lead to the bigger picture. Also an interactive environment with shearers and trainers that have had a lot of success at what they do.
There is no correct way to shear, But there is basic fundamentals that we must get right.
Lojik will allow you to learn at your own pace, ask questions and interact with people who are likeminded and keen to improve. Your footage can be viewed and training can be discussed. Basic effective knowledge that can help you improve the way you shear.
Shearing is something that is never fully accomplished and even the world’s best shearers will analyse and look for ways to be more efficient. There is no substitute for practice, persistence and patience but availability to good knowledge is a MUST. A lot of the people we’ll meet and who we can learn from don't really comment a lot through social media “style” because…..
1. It usually becomes unproductive,
2. They don’t need to because they already know.
We've designed the site so as its phone friendly and uses minimal data for viewing the content whenever your online. Obviously cleaner and larger viewing on a PC or laptop, but should function on most modern devices.
So for the cost of a couple of sheep a week (which you are certain to make back, with interest !!) over the next 12 months you can have access to people, and knowledge in a common sense way that has been improving shearers for years. The way we shear didn't just happen ... It evolved. I've got no doubt all shearers will benefit, whatever the shearing level your at !
Dwayne Black